This is my python/pygame website. Here, you can discuss strengths, weaknesses, ideas, methods, and anything else that has to do with python programming.

I'm trying to get to the level of those who do pyweek. Pyweek is a competition to see who can make the best game in a week from scratch. I need help for it, I need to learn how to make tile-based rpg's... and fast.

The pygame tutorial is here, and by the end of today, it will have at least 5 parts to it. Read and learn pygame. Pygame was written in c, so was python. So, if you are worried about speed of your games, don't be. It's like writing your game in c. Pygame, with python is fast and should not have many, or any problems with it.

    I got a great suggestion, the suggestion was for the 300 views, I would animate the site.

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