Number 1: Getting LiveWires

    Go to and download livewires, then, if you are on a windows, run the setup. If you are on a mac, just look at the livewires source code, take the file of '' out of the package, and drag it onto        your folder to put it in. Now, on a mac, instead of doing the code:
from livewires import games #this is what you must do on a windows

    You have to do this code:
import games #this is what you do in a mac, if you have games in the same folder or place as your file

Number 2: Making A Screen

    The first thing to do, is(on macs) to:
import games
    On windows:
from livewires import games
    I think you can figure out what this means... if you read the tutorial. Write:
games.init(screen_width = 640, screen_height = 480, fps = 50)

    What this does, is calls the function from games, called init(). Inside games.init( are what are called parameters.) What are parameters? Well, when you call the function games.init() inside the parentheses, you give the function the variables. It's very confusing, right? It takes alot of thinking to figure out exactly what they do. But I know now. In object oriented programming, variables inside a class, or function are hidden from other classes and functions, so that you can not access those variables from within other classes. You can, actually, but when you are importing a module, it doesn't work, I can't explain that to you, but just either figure that out for yourself, or believe me. So, when you call classes or functions, you need to give them parameters, so they can use variables that are outside of that function or class.